Ninjetic Studios Privacy Policy

The information collected by all of the apps are entirely used by the advertiser Google AdMob and Google AdWords in advertising purposes. Some apps contain online leaderboards or other online services which require an internet connection to function properly. The users may choose to opt in to submit high scores and compete among other players in the game or app. All data is kept private and not shared with any third parties outside of Google, or Ninjetic Studios. Apps available on iOS devices are under the same conditions, and similarly do not collect unnecessary information from the user, outside of services that allow the user to submit high scores or view advertising. Ninjetic Studios does not store or record any private data on any servers, and all data is handled specifically for advertising purposes by Google's advertising plugins. Personal Identifiers are used in some cases where advertising is targetted to a specific personal identifier by Google in use for advertising. The information is not shared or used for any purposes outside of advertising with Google AdMob and Google AdWords. By using any app released by Ninjetic Studios you agree to this privacy policy, and to allow Personal Identifiers to be used for the purpose of advertising. This privacy policy is hosted at If you have any issues with the app or game, please take a moment to write a review, or contact the support email address and get your questions answered!